Printer Calibration with ICC-Profiling

LaserSoft Imaging adds Printer Calibration with ICC-Profiling to its SilverFast Ai Studio product line. The new Printer Calibration ensures a fully calibrated workflow from input to output.

The creation of color profiles

Since the advent of digital imaging, the creation of accurate color profiles for printing has stymied photographers and digital imaging professionals. The normal approach is with specially created, expensive and complicated tools, used to measure printed patches. However, the engineers at LaserSoft Imaging have created a powerful, yet simple to use workflow that creates accurate and precise ICC-color printer profiles, utilizing any existing scanner.

"1-2-3 Click"

The "1-2-3 Click" SilverFast Printer Calibration uses the existing scanner calibration and any suitable color printer. No other measuring devices are necessary. No more uncertainty about managing colors, and no extra expense for additional hardware and software solutions. A "Zero Error" workflow ensures complete color control from input to output, with the following steps: 

  1. First, the scanner is automatically calibrated with SilverFast's patented IT8 Calibration

  2. Second, using SilverFast, a full-gamut color test chart is printed on the printer. 

  3. Third, the printed test chart is scanned and SilverFast automatically generates an ICC-profile.


The resulting ICC-profile creates a precise ICC managed workflow for accurate color printing with the lowest tolerances, utilizing the full gamut of the printer for the widest reproduction of tones.

"closed-loop" color calibration workflow

This new SilverFast workflow will benefit all serious photographers, from professional to fine art, as well as advanced amateurs and semi-professional users.


A major strength of this new approach is that it supports an especially wide range of media, paper types, and inks. One of the limitations of traditional color profiling tools is their sensitivity to many alternative media, which more and more creative users are employing in their work.  A so called "closed-loop" color calibration workflow is considered the optimum by experts in color management.

Optional SilverFast Ai IT8 (Studio) feature

LaserSoft Imaging‘s Printer Calibration with ICC-Profiling is available as an optional SilverFast Ai IT8 (Studio) feature, both for Mac and Windows platforms.